Alliance Leisure has offered official support to the 2023 Workforce State of Mind Survey, a project exploring the wellbeing of those working in the fitness and active leisure sector.

Now entering into its third year, the Workforce State of Mind Survey, owned and managed by Workplace Mental Wealth and backed by The Chartered Institute for The Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA), will, this year, benefit from the official support of Alliance Leisure, Active IQLes Mills and Myzone.

“Gaining the support of such well-known and respected employers in the sector is fantastic for the Survey and will help us to elevate the visibility and importance of the project at all levels of the workforce” says Lindsey Simpson, Co-founder of Workplace Mental Wealth. “Working closely with us, CIMSPA and our Supporters will help to promote the survey to their extended networks, driving participation and helping to gain wide representation from across our sector.”


Last year, The Survey, which is anonymous, reported that 57 per cent of people working in fitness and active leisure have experienced a mental health issue in the last 12 months, up from 53 per cent the year before. Only 11 per cent say that anybody at work checks in on their mental health, down from 19 per cent in 2021.

Simpson continues. “As we enter the third year of The Survey, it will be interesting to see how individuals in the sector are faring and, crucially, what employers are doing to support their teams through what continues to be, for many, challenging times.

“Whilst we adapt each year’s Survey to maintain continuity – we will be introducing some new questions this year. It will be fascinating to see what our third year of data reveals about what’s happening and where action is needed.

The Survey was set up in 2021 to provide insight into the mental wellbeing of the workforce and to empower employers to better support their people.

With nearly 6 in 10 leisure sector workers experiencing a mental health issue in the last 12 months we need to do more as an industry to raise awareness and provide help to those that need it. Alliance Leisure are therefore very proud to support the Workforce State of Mind Survey which aims to do just that.
Sarah Watts - CEO
Alliance Leisure

Katie Lewis, Co-founder of Workplace Mental Wealth, adds: “With the help of our official Supporter, CIMSPA and employers across the sector,  we will encourage as many people as possible to take part in The Survey. Our ambition has always been to use The Survey as a catalyst for change that will lead to a happier, healthier and more prosperous workforce.”

The 2023 Survey will go live via the Workplace Mental Wealth website in January 2023, with results released mid-March 2023.

About Workplace Mental Wealth

Workplace Mental Wealth was established in 2021 to shine a light on the mental health of individuals working in fitness & active leisure, ditch the stigma and shift the culture for a healthier, happier, more productive workforce.

In addition to the annual State of Mind Survey, the organisation also owns and manages the Good Work Pledge, designed to encourage employers to commit to creating good work environments that protect and support the mental health of its teams.