Works are well underway at our extensive development project at Central Park for Barking & Dagenham Borough.

The project began back in November 2021, and aims to improve the facilities of the park across four phases in order to have the least impact on park users. Stage one of the project is expected to complete in April of this year.

The project will include:

  • New toddler and child play equipment

  • Refurbishment of tennis courts

  • Approximately one mile of new pathways

  • New trees and wildflowers

A key focus of this project is environmental protection and sustainability. A Tree Protection Plan (TPP) was established early on in the planning stages of the project, and ensures the protection of trees within the park, whilst also contributing to the Council’s commitment to double the borough’s tree canopy by 2040.

As well at the Tree Protection Plan, the majority of the project is being funded by income received from deliveries of environmentally approved clean (inert) soil. As a result of this initiative, significant income will be generated from the importation of the soil, which will be a major boost to this project.

We are delighted to be taking part in a project that offers such fantastic benefits to the local community. By improving the facilities at Central Park, we are confident that more people will feel encouraged to enjoy the space, which in turn will help to promote physical activity outside amongst local residents and beyond.
Ruth Ripsher
Alliance Delivery Manager
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