Alliance Leisure partners with Roster to harness the potential of emerging technologies

In a world where digitalisation and evolving technologies are creating new possibilities every day to improve the way we learn, interact, manage work and document progress, leisure development specialist, Alliance Leisure, has teamed up with Ollie Bell, an emerging technologies consultant and co-founder of Roster, a Web3 education business, to support the sustainability and growth of its business.

John Leaver, Marketing & Framework Director, says: “The world is changing and its changing fast. Web3 and blockchain technologies are presenting opportunities to improve data efficiencies and securities at all levels of the supply chain whilst AI and machine learning are driving faster and more informed decisions that have the potential to reduce costs and improve delivery times. As a forward-thinking innovator within the leisure development space, it is vital that the Alliance Leisure team recognise the possibilities and understand how technologies might be applied to drive efficiencies and improve outcomes, both for our own business and for our clients.

“Working with Ollie and Roster, we are providing training and education to our teams that includes the exploration of practical examples of how these new technologies are already being used by other companies and industries to solve problems and improve efficiencies. For example, HM Land Registry is already working with a digital specialist to explore how smart contracts and blockchain technology could improve security and efficiencies at all stages of property and land transfer. We want to learn from best practice and apply it to our own model and processes.”

Roster is the brainchild of Ollie Bell, ex Commercial Director at the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) and graduate from the Oxford University Blockchain Strategy Programme. Ollie is Co-Founder and CEO at Roster, bridging a much-needed gap between the physical activity sector and education around emerging technology.

Digitalisation and new technologies offer tremendous opportunities but a lack of understanding and knowledge often hinders their adoption. Working with curious, industry leaders such as Alliance Leisure, we are demystifying these technologies and creating a trusted point of entry looking for anyone looking to harness the power of Web3. Through the application of unique learning models, we simplify what many consider to be an overwhelming field and empower people to step into the Web3 arena with knowledge and confidence, supported by a network of industry innovators.
Ollie Bell
Co-founder and CEO, Roster

Alliance Leisure is no newcomer to innovation and the adoption of cutting-edge technology. Paul Cluett, Commercial Director at Alliance Leisure, explains: “We keep our finger on the technology pulse to ensure the services and products we recommend and integrate for clients take advantage of the latest advances. We were the first to install an immersive cycle studio in Scotland, we introduced TAGactive – the digitally gamified adventure play arena for all ages – to the public sector and we are currently working with FlareForm on the roll out of their immersive Future Studios.

“This new partnership with Roster is an extension of our commitment to innovate, learn and stay ahead of industry trends. By harnessing the power of emerging technologies, we will drive evolution within the leisure and leisure development industries to ensure ongoing exceptional service delivery to clients.”