The opportunity to reduce the costs of a capital project are a high priority for any construction team, and we partner with Golf and Leisure Experience (GLE), who specialise in the importation of environmentally approved soil, to do just that.  We asked Scott Cranfield from GLE to answer 5 key questions we often get asked when it comes to these projects.

We remodel outdoor spaces by taking environmentally approved soil from construction sites and repositioning it on our clients’ area to be developed. This process generates a royalty payment which allows us to deliver a turnkey operation at a significant cost contribution to the project.  It’s a genuine win win win for the land owner, operator and the community.

The Environmental Agency has to issue a permit for the use of the soil and will specify the type of material that can be used. Once the specification is clear, we will then find donor sites that match that specification. Donor sites tend to be operated by large plc companies who are obliged to have extensive testing carried out to confirm the type of material they would like to remove from this site. It is only when the material on this site (the donor site) matches up with what is permissible by The Environment Agency, can we then bring it to your site to create the remodelling.

Any outdoor green space that needs improving or upgrading is worth considering.  Examples might include football, rugby or cricket pitches that are in poor condition (resulting in lost matches and revenue) or a community park that need to be modernised and improved.  We’re currently working with Alliance Leisure on Central Park in Dagenham which will see a complete transformation of the outdoor spaces.  Not only will all footpaths be improved but a toddler playground is being installed alongside an adventure playground zone and plenty of native tree and wildflower planting.

This depends on the scale of the project but we always set out to make a project cost neutral to our clients.  The first step is a desktop study, sometimes combined with a site visit, which will give us a general overview of the potential, and the likelihood of delivering the project at zero cost to the council.  This stage is carried out free of charge by ourselves and it is only after this stage - when both parties believe the project is viable - do any costs get incurred.

As I’ve just said, an initial feasibility study is undertaken to assess the potential of a site and identify potential donor sites.  Clients can either contact me direct or get in touch with one of the team at Alliance Leisure.  And if procurement is a concern, we are an approved supplier on the UK Leisure Framework which allows any local authority in the UK to access our services through this procurement vehicle.  Please give me a call if you’ve got any more questions.

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